Post School Envelopes

We print affordable home-to-school envelopes that teachers use to collect money for lunch programs, field trips, fundraising, and much more.

As Canada’s largest and most established printer of church offertory envelopes, we created our school envelopes division in 2001 to meet the growing need to help schools keep track of money and other important information sent between home and school.

We have the proven expertise to make your home-to-school communication a success.

Size, Specification, and Colour

Post School Envelopes are available in the single-pocket style below. They can be ordered in a wide array of colours and designs.

Single-pocket school envelopes

  • School envelopes measure 6 5/16” wide x 3 1/8” high (16 cm x 8 cm)
  • Easy to insert currency
  • Personal cheques may be inserted without folding
  • Most popular envelope choice
  • Available in the large colour choice shown in the gallery below

Custom Design & Samples

At Post School Envelopes, we are happy to custom design your home-to-school envelope without charging any extra artwork fees. It’s part of the value-added service we provide to our customers. To place an order for your school envelopes, click here.
Custom Design

This sample artwork form shows the flexibility we offer when creating your custom envelope design. You are able to include a special message, school crest, typography style, and your own copy/text content.


Boxed Sets of School Envelopes

Boxed sets of 52 school envelopes are a cost-effective choice for many school programs.

We Can Number Your Boxed Sets

  • Each boxed set can be assigned a number, which is printed on all of the envelopes within that boxed set.
  • Your school can then assign each student with a number to match the student’s boxed set of envelopes.
  • The number allows for fast and accurate record keeping, rather than the teacher and student name having to be filled out on each envelope.
  • For a small, added charge, you may have additional special inserts added into each boxed set.

(Minimum order 25 sets.)

Special Inserts

Special Insert Envelopes

Additional envelopes can be printed and inserted into each boxed set. Black ink is used. Some examples of special inserts include:

  • an initial introductory envelope, often used for parents to pay for the boxed set
  • breakfast program donation
  • food bank donation
  • special collection for disaster relief
  • Foster Child plan

Choose from one of the seven standard colours to help your special insert stand out from the regular boxed sets of school envelopes (White, Ivory, Blue, Canary Yellow, White with Purple Floral Border, White with Green Floral Border).

Need a Design for Your Special Envelope?

Just send us the copy/text and/or crest/logo you want on a special insert envelope and we will set it up for you.

Special Envelope Insert Service

When ordered at the same time as your boxed sets of Post school envelopes, we can insert the special collection envelopes into your boxed set orders, at the front of each boxed set. (Note: In addition to the regular 52 envelopes per boxed set, each boxed set can hold an additional 30 special collection envelopes.)

Bulk School Envelopes

School envelopes can be purchased in bulk and distributed to students on an as-need basis. They can be used for regular communications, or for special initiatives that may only happen once a year, such as fundraising projects.

Bulk school envelopes are sold in increments of 500 envelopes.

Bulk envelopes are available in the standard large single-pocket size, in one of the seven standard colours (White, Ivory, Blue, Grey, Canary Yellow, White with Maroon Floral Border, White with Green Floral Border).

Need a Design for Your Special Envelope?

Let us design your own “special” envelope at no extra cost in order to best reflect the unique needs of your school.